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Man, this sort of thing would have been useful a couple of months ago when I went overseas!

Anyway - I hope I've done this right - here's a link to a Wellington Goth Map (for shopping and gigs etc) Feel free to add to it..


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Here is the first of what I hope are many Goth City Maps from around the world. If you have any suggestions for the Melbourne map, please add them as comments here. If you would like to post a map of your own city or a city you know well, then please follow the instructions in the welcome post/community rules.

Melbourne Goth Shopping Map



Welcome to Goth City Maps


I hope this community will soon become a useful resource to dark alternative travelers around the world and indeed natives to cities who need a quick reference to find those alternative places of interest.

This purpose of community is to inspire alternative people from every major city on earth to create Google maps of those cities which show places of interest to dark alternative people who may visit, and to collect those maps in one easily accessible place to provide a resource for alternative travelers the world over.

If this community takes off we may build a specific website for to hold the maps in a more user friendly way, while keeping this community as a way to allow updates, discussion and submissions.

If you would like to create a map for your city:
1) Check it has not already been posted by searching this community
2) Create a map at http://maps.google.com/
3) Allow collaboration on the map and invite maps@cabaretnocturne.net to collaborate
4) Add as many sites of goth interest to that map as possible (hint: in a particularly goth friendly city such as Berlin it may be wise to create separate maps for shopping/sight seeing and for bars and clubs etc.)
5) Post your map to this community with the subject format "[Country], [State/Region], [City] Goth [Map Type] Map" eg "Australia, Victoria, Melbourne Goth Shopping Map"

If you would like to suggest additional sites to be added to a map. Find the post relating to that city and add your suggestions or updates to that post as a comment.

If you would like to promote this community to help make it bigger and therefor more useful to all, please post it wherever you can, with our thanks!