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Customised Icons for Map Locations

Hi all

I've been updating the Wellington City Map today (sadly removing some venues that have closed down recently). Google Maps allows you to add custom icons for place-marks, I was thinking it would be great if someone wanted to create a set of icons we could all use over and over again on different maps to keep them all consistant (someone may have even done this already?)

For example, icons that differentiated between shops, venues, sights and attractions etc, would be quite neat I thought. I don't know how far you'd need to go in terms of categories - in some places it would probably be worth distinguishing between clothing shops and record stores, and in other places maybe not. Perhaps there could be some generic icons to use as well as some more specific ones to cater for different situations. Any thoughts? I've started using some specific icons on the Wellington Map, but they're pretty... horrid (just stolen from the interweb). So if someone with some design skills wanted to contribute set to use, I personally think that'd be awesome.

Anyone game?

For anyone wondering how to add custom place-marks, instructions are

How to use different place-marks in Google Maps

You need to be in Edit mode for a map to do this.

1. Click the place-mark you wish to edit - a pop up bubble appears
2. Click on the place-mark icon in the top right corner of the bubble - this displays Google's default set of icons, which you can just click on to use
3. If you want to add your own, click on 'Add an Icon'
4. Type/Paste in the URL of the icon you wish to use

This icon will now always appear under the 'My Icons' link in the pop-up bubble.


Nov. 24th, 2008 10:42 pm (UTC)
Good idea... I lack the design skills too though .... fingers X'd someone puts a hand up...

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