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Australia, SA, Adelaide

Adelaide Goth Map
List of goth or goth-friendly stores around the City of Churches.


New Orleans?

Hi Everyone...I am heading to New Orleans in a few weeks (SQUEE!!!) Is there a map for it that you know of?!

Are there any places I need to hit for clubs and shopping??!?!

I'm super freaking excited!


Customised Icons for Map Locations

Hi all

I've been updating the Wellington City Map today (sadly removing some venues that have closed down recently). Google Maps allows you to add custom icons for place-marks, I was thinking it would be great if someone wanted to create a set of icons we could all use over and over again on different maps to keep them all consistant (someone may have even done this already?)

For example, icons that differentiated between shops, venues, sights and attractions etc, would be quite neat I thought. I don't know how far you'd need to go in terms of categories - in some places it would probably be worth distinguishing between clothing shops and record stores, and in other places maybe not. Perhaps there could be some generic icons to use as well as some more specific ones to cater for different situations. Any thoughts? I've started using some specific icons on the Wellington Map, but they're pretty... horrid (just stolen from the interweb). So if someone with some design skills wanted to contribute set to use, I personally think that'd be awesome.

Anyone game?

For anyone wondering how to add custom place-marks, instructions are under hereCollapse )

View Larger Map

I definitely made a map, I'm just not sure whether that's the right link to it. Its title is Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN - Goth Sites of Interest.

Advice solicited.


Gothic Columbus

I'm so glad I found this community! You can add Columbus, Ohio to your maps.
To make things a little less confusing, I color coded the markers:

Blue - Clubs, bars & music venues
Red - Clothing
Light Purple - Retail Shops
Dark Purple - Museums, galleries, cinemas and other cultural sites
Light Blue - Tattoo and piercing salons
Yellow - Restaurants
Green - Parks and cemeteries

While some of these places may not be overtly "Gothic", as I wrote in my map description these are places that are generally goth-friendly or are said to be haunted. Of course I'll keep this map updated as new places come and go.

Germany, Hessen, Frankfurt Goth Map

Hey there~^^
I thought this community is a good idea so I made a map of my own ;)
I'm really surprised that this will be the first map of a German city here o.o

Frankfurt Goth Map

rural goth

Note to the moderator: If this post is at all distasteful, inappropriate, or simply unwelcome, I'll be glad to delete it immediately.

Greetings one and all. I have recently begun a new community called rural_goth for those of us who love all things spooky but live outside of big cities and thusly away from any pre-made "scene." It's a place to discuss the pros and cons of living away from other subcultural groupings as well as a place to post creative endeavors such as photography, videos, and writings. Any and all are welcome, so if this appeals to you in any way, I hope to see you there!

Rural goth

Australia, NSW, Sydney Goth Map

Australia, NSW, Sydney Goth Map. Encompasses the CBD, Darlinghurt, Surry Hills and Newtown/Enmore.

Greater Sydney Goth Map. Businesses outside of the CBD and inner suburbs.

Index updated

Hey all, we're now up to 19 Goth City Maps, which is cool, but I'd like a LOT more...in particular I'd like to get Australia's largest city Sydney on the board! As well as more of the major US cities, some German ones and Tokyo would also be ace...so if you can do one or know someone who can get on it! ;)

Updated index here

Cheers :)

Rough index to help navigate a bit better

Hey all,

We're up to 19 cities now, thanks to everyone who has contributed! The plan is to have a nice index site at http://gothcitymaps.com hopefully with a drillable world map etc. but that's a little way off so until then I'll keep a manually updated index post to help with finding cities.

Also if I can ask once more, if your city is not yet mapped, please follow the instructions and create a map to add to the project!

Other than that, if I can ask you all to please keep spreading the word about the project, as the more people who know about it the more cities that will get mapped and the better resource it will become!



Pittsburgh (PA)
New York (NY)
Salt Lake City (UT)
Seattle (WA)
Jacksonville (FL)
Los Angeles (CA)
Tampa (FL)
San Antonio (TX)
Washington DC


Madrid (Spain)
Paris (France)




Melbourne (AU)
Wellington (NZ)
Perth (AU)
Hobart (AU)


So far i have not seen anyone doing Philly
so i'm gonna get started on that

Hey! I'm back!

Pikake515, here! Deleted the old LJ for personal reasons. : )
Glad to be back on board.


I just joined your community and was wondering if anyone could do a map of New Orleans or any place in Ohio. 

What do you guys think about this as a banner? If you have any ideas, post them!
I used this website.

Spread the word!

Hey all,

This community has grown pretty quickly and we've already got nearly 20 city maps thanks to all the contributers! I really feel this can be an AMAZING resource for travelers and even just people who don't know what their own cities have to offer!
So I'm asking you all to help spread the word on this project!

If everyone could post it to whatever groups they think might have an interest in it, maybe post it to any local or band forums, MySpace or Facebook etc. it would be really cool. For those who would find a prepared cun'n'paste job handy, I've written this script to help:


Hey all!

I'm part of a new project that is attempting to create and index Google Maps which catalog shops, bars, sights, attractions, clubs and other places of interest to Goth or Dark Alternative types. We hope to eventually have a map for every major city on earth! It's an ambitious project and we need your help. Check it out and contribute if you can, or just use it as a handy free resource...

If you're on LJ use gothcitymaps

Not on LJ? You can still help! Check us out at http://gothcitymaps.com and share/collaborate your maps submission with maps at cabaretnocturne dot net

Even if you don't create a map for this project we hope you'll find it useful in your travels or even in getting to know the dark side your home town a little better ;-)


The Goth City Maps Project.

USA, District of Columbia, Washington

Here's a start, anyway. I've gone ahead and listed the three weekly DJ nights I know to be currently consistent. Others with more time will have to add the rest. I'll post to our local "water cooler" community to plea for input.

Washington, DC


UK - Brighton

My (adopted) home town:



France, Paris


Again, I'm not a local but this is a start.

Check out Le Grouft shop for flyers, also look out for Soireés Gothique on a boat in front of the Museé D'Orsay.


a basic map for San Antonio, TX USA

San Antonio TX, USA
Not much here yet, but I'm working on it bit by bit.


Publicity ideas to help with the project

I have some quick publicity ideas to help with the project.

1. Link this LJ to other goth and alternative communities on Livejournal. Explain what it is and invite people to join.

2. Talk about the project to local club and event promoters. I'm sure that they would like this idea alot.

3. Make flyers and distribute them at goth and alternative events and festivals. For example, hopefully I will be going to Convergence 14 this summer. I could mention this community.

What other ideas do you guys have?

UK, England, London map

Surprised anyone hasn't done this one yet. I've made a start, but any fellow Londoners who fancy adding to it are more than welcome to - there's a lot to get through!

London, England, UK

I've put in most of the major functioning club nights. Seperate maps may be required for shopping venues (the massive cloud round Camden might be a start!) and anything else.

Great community, by the way! :)


A person left a comment stating that they wanted to see what was going on in Tampa , Florida. It's where Convergence 14 will be this year. I  had also made a map earlier today to help me plan for that trip. You can ignore the Shades of Green, it's a resort for military people.

It should be found as "Orlando/Tampa trip" under "user created maps". 


USA - Los Angeles

Los Angeles

I'm not a local but I did this one for a recent visit.


Jacksonville, FL

Hello everyone! I just added a google map for "Goth Jacksonville". I hope this helps the project. 


I actually made this ages ago. A work in process, of course...



US, New York, NY Goth Map

Map of NYC.

I think I did it right. I only added one thing because I'm at work, but I will try to add more later. :)


Spain, Madrid Goth Map

Great idea! For anyone considering Spain, I've started a Madrid Goth Map.

Included so far:

- a couple of sightseeings that seemed worth mentioning [in green],
- goth/goth-friendly clubs and bars [in blue],
- a few goth clothing shops [in red] (mind you, I do most of my shopping online, so I hardly know shops here)

I've probably left out quite a few, so you know what to do :)


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